Let your imagination work at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

Let your imagination work at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

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Two weeks ago I promised you a personal guide through all the themes that the 27th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival incorporates. Well, here it is! The festival has a big selection of short and long films, therefore I picked the ones which caught my attention. On top of that there’s some tickets to win once more, this time for Rubber and Gone with the Pope. If you don’t want to miss a thing and read about all the films, or you want to see the trailers, check out all the movies from A till Z and get some real imaginable films.

Action: Hobo with a shotgun (2010)

The festival kicks off with Dutch phenomenon Rutger Hauer in the lead. He plays a hobo in a Canadian city where crime and corruption have free reign. At the head is chief gangster Drake along with his two psychopathic sons. When they attacked the local pawnshop, the hobo freaks out. Assisted by a hooker with a heart of gold, he decides to set things right with his old-fashioned rifle.

Play times:
13/04/2011 – 20:00 Kriterion 1
18/04/2011 – 17:50 Kriterion 3
22/04/2011 – 18:00 Kriterion 1

Comedy: Rubber (2010, 1 x 2 giveaway)

In this post-modern horror film, a tire comes to life in the desert. It reflects the relationship between the audience and the spectacle. The tire is of the murdering kind. It starts by crushing scorpions and bottles, but after a while it goes after a larger prey: humans. The rubber monster explodes the first head with telekinetic forces. Meanwhile, he’s being watched with binoculars by a group of onlookers. It makes you wonder who these people are, and what the hell they are doing there. Questions like that will keep your imagination occupied without a doubt. Rubber is one of the craziest and most inventive films we’ve seen recently.

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Play times:
15/04/2011 – 20:00 Kriterion 2
20/04/2011 – 16:10 Kriterion 3
21/04/2011 – 22:10 Kriterion 1

Cult: Gone with the Pope (2010, 1 x 2 giveaway)

This cult film is a typical gangster flick. The directors filmed it in the seventies, but it’s only recently been completed by Oscar winner Bob Murawski. In the film gangster Paul, fresh out of jail, commits to a few contract killings. He decides to hide and together with some friends he sails to Italy, where the idea arises to kidnap the Pope. Needless to say, they succeed and thus commit an epic crime!

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Play times:
14/04/2011 – 22:00 Kriterion 3
18/04/2011 – 20:10 Kriterion 2
19/04/2011 – 15:50 Kriterion 3
20/04/2011 – 20:10 Kriterion 3

Documentary: Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010)

Blood, breasts and beasts: what more could a man want? A hilarious documentary with busty ladies armed with machetes, kung fu midgets and papier mache monsters. In short: a true Philippine action/horror film.

Play times:
15/04/2011 – 14:10 Kriterion 1
16/04/2011 – 22:10 Kriterion 2
21/04/2011 – 16:00 Kriterion 1

Fantasy: The Troll Hunter (2010)

A film that’s more than just the Norwegian version of the Blair Witch Project. A film where you can feel the tension and dry humor. One of the filmmakers disappeared without a trace, and who is that mysterious loner named Hans? Three students are looking for the truth armed with a camera. The title speaks for itself, so don’t be surprised when, somewhere deep in the Norwegian woods, a huge creature suddenly looms in front of the camera.

Play times:
16/04/2011 – 22:00 Kriterion 1
18/04/2011 – 15:50 Kriterion 3
20/04/2011 – 18:10 Kriterion 3
23/04/2011 – 14:10 Kriterion 2

Horror: La casa muda/The Silent House (2010)

Based on an unsolved double murder in 1944, this is a film that appears to be shot in a single take. Laura and her father are hired to renovate an old house. They arrive at night and are eager to start early the next day. At night, scary noises are heard from upstairs, and when dad is going to check thing out he doesn’t return. There’s no way to escape and Laura is caught in ‘the silent house’ for a long, anxious night!

Play times:
21/04/2011 – 14:00 Kriterion 1
22/04/2011 – 16:00 Kriterion 1
23/04/2011 – 20:10 Kriterion 2

Sci-Fi: Monsters (2010)

They are no longer aliens, but residents. In this film the director shows us a relationship between a photographer and a rich young girl. It’s an intimate story set in the North of Mexico, an area where huge aliens live. Andrew Kaulder works as a photographer there and hopes for a picture of the creatures. When Samantha, the daughter of his publisher, is involved in an accident, he gets the assignment to accompany her to the border. A few mishaps force them to continue their way by boat and on foot through the infected area.

Play times:
15/04/2011 – 20:10 Kriterion 1
20/04/2011 – 22:00 Kriterion 1
22/04/2011 – 18:10 Kriterion 3

Thriller: Bitter Feast (2010)

Bitter Feast is like a culinary Saw, minus the bloody and gore, but with a strong dose of dark humor. It’s about a TV cook named Peter Gray, and it seems that his cooking show is likely to be cancelled. Also, the restaurant where he works as head cook fired him. From there on it’s all downhill: Gray kidnaps the culinary blogger JT Franks, who wrote an awful review about his cooking. He ties him up in the basement of his house teaches him a thing or two about food and cooking.

Play times:
14/04/2011 – 14:10 Kriterion 1
16/04/2011 – 18:00 Kriterion 1
17/04/2011 – 18:10 Kriterion 3
23/04/2011 – 18:00 Kriterion 1

Imagine: 27th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

Date: 13th – 23th April
Location: Filmtheater/Café Kriterion (Roetersstraat 170)

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