'Duct-tape Cocktail' by Avelon in 12 pictures

‘Duct-tape Cocktail’ by Avelon in 12 pictures

Apr 4, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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With invitations to view new collections on such regular basis, it sometimes gets hard to find a brand that makes you want almost every single piece presented. Avelon managed to have this effect on me by dragging me into their rock & roll world of cocktails and classics.

The new A/W 2011 collection presentation, designed by Erik Frenken (feature image), took place in a Amsterdam showroom located in the heart of the city. The big man himself, who has worked for labels such as Viktor & Rolf and Blue Blood, decided to give his own label Avelon a very specific signature with the use of lots of black and leather.

Duct-tape Cocktail

What I loved about this collection is that it is more developed and more unique than the previous ones, and the fact that Erik decided to use black just “because he felt like it” makes me admire the results even more. The name “Duct-tape Cocktail” refers to the combination of rock and roll elements with a ‘cocktail touch of classiness and elegance’. Trust me when I say that wearing an Avelon piece will guarantee you the perfect balance between your inner rock star and chic musings.

Collections as these make me want to skip spring and summer to move straight to autumn so I can start getting my hands on some of the fabulous pieces like a black leather jacket with just the right amount of biker chick feel to it. Until then, I will leave you with some of the pictures so you too can see why Avelon will be conquering the autumn breeze before you can even notice it.

Text by Anna Nikbakht Nooshin & Sana Sarkawt
Feature Image of Erik Frenken by I Love Fashion News
Pictures below Avelon x Spice PR

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