International Short Film Festival ‘Go Short’ is on tour and pays a visit to De Balie

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After its third successive and successful edition in Nijmegen, Go Short International Film Festival is packing its bags and going on tour across the country. Their last stop is Amsterdam where they will settle down for a night at De Balie. They’ve brought over 15 short films with them which will be shown in three blocks of 1.5 hours. With a selection of the best from animation, documentary and fiction from the 280 short films that were shown in Nijmegen, you can expect a quality show!

Featured film (on top) is ‘The External World’ by David Oreilly

Go Short film festival on tour

Date: April 2nd, 20:00
Location: De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
Tickets: €7,-

  • Mobile R: Verena Fels (Germany, student-animation, 6′)
    How a cow catches a mosquito
  • Things You’d Better Not Mix Up R: Joost Lieuwma (Netherlands, animation, 2′)
    A series of things you better not mix up.
  • The External World R:David Oreilly (Germany, animation, 15′)
    A boy learns the piano.
  • Paths of Hate R: Damian Nenow (Poland, animation, 10′)
    Two pilots fight out a battle for life or death up high in the air, where the peace is only disturbed by roaring engines and blasting bullets.
  • Oppressed Majority R: Eleonore Pourriat (France, fiction, 11′)
    A day in the life of a man who suffers under the pressure of daily sexism in a world dominated by women.
  • Voodoo R: Sandro Aguilar (Portugal, experimental 30’)
    A scared man meets a restless woman.
  • Uncle R: Adam Elliot (Australia, stopmotion 6′)
    The clay-o-graphy of a humble man, his lemon tree, Chihuahua and biscuits.
  • Sambuca Kid R: Robin Färdig (Sweden, documentary 6′)
    Swedish film maker Robin Färdig filmed this superficial en politically incorrect one-liner of a short during a break in filming of his film in the Philippines.
  • Traumdeutung R: Lauri Warsta (United Kingdom, Student-animation 7’)
    Animation about the closure of the global dream reserve while we cross the border between documentary and the surrealistic.
  • Yuri Lennon R:Anthony Vouardoux (Germany, fiction 15′)
    Detached from the mother ship, Yuri starts his journey through space, which leads him to the end of the world as we know it.
  • Mesecina R: Sofia Exarchou (Greece, fiction 31’)
    A sick teenager believes that he can live a normal life. He meets a girl. They are both fans of the group ‘Mesecina’.
  • Sister R: Michael Rittmannsberger (Austria, experimental 5′)
    During a tragic happening in a public pool, a conflict happens between a girl and her sister with worrying results.
  • Incident by a Bank R:Ruben Östlund (Sweden, fiction 12′)
    A detailed and humorous report of a failed bank robbery.
  • Dominique R: Jim Taihuttu (Netherlands, fiction 10′)
    A day in the life of the young girl Dominique who tries to survive as a model in the rock hard reality of the Parisian fashion industry.
  • Parade R: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (France, animation 8′)
    A man tries to escape his overheated imagination by conquering the hart of a woman.
  • Raak R: Hanro Smitsman (Netherlands, Dutch talent 10′)
    A boy caused a car accident by throwing a rock of an overpass. A dead of agression or a sad accident?
  • Oh Deer! R:Arne Toonen (Netherlands, Dutch talent 10′)
    A hunters-couple, a some people with bad intentions and a suspicious forester cross each others paths in a dangerous dance of misunderstanding.
  • Na U R: Danyael Sugawara (Netherlands, Dutch talent 14′)
    Two lovers decide to end their lives together.

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