Meet and Eat: Blue

Meet and Eat: Blue

Mar 28, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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Follow my quest for finding the best place to have lunch in the Meet and Eat series!

Blue is known to be a colour, a state of mind and something you give a bride before her wedding. You can also find something Blue a few feet up high and I am not talking about the sky. This particular Blue is located sky high on the third floor of the Kalvertoren and offers a 360-degrees eagle-eye view of Amsterdam.

Just over a year ago the sisters Loes (24) and Lotte (27) de Vos founded Blue; a lunch café with a singular view on the city. Barely out of university they decided to seize the opportunity and despite their young age, become entrepreneurs. A year further, business is going good. The de Vos siblings are brewing on new projects for Blue: the café has already had its first speed dating session, wedding reception and is interested in offering a basic training in wine tasting for young people.

The last two cafes I visited seemed to be designed by a hippy on shrooms. Blue is quite the opposite, it has a minimalistic designer feel too it and is accessible for business, young and old folk. The main focus of Blue is lunch. They have an elaborate choice of sandwiches, salads and soups.

Meet and Eat: Blue

I treated myself too a ‘Blue’ sandwich which consists of crispy parma ham, chicken, tomato, rocket and piment d’espelette mayonnaise. Andrea tried the toasted rustic bread with buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and pesto. Both of the sandwiches were impressive in size and taste, but the scenery of Amsterdam in the background offered an extra sensation. Looking out on to our playground, seeing the Rijksmuseum and canals adds to the Blue experience. So if you have some unconvinced parents or friends bring them to Blue and they will see Amsterdam from a different view.

For more information on Blue go to their Facebook page!

Blue, the facts

Sandwich Blue €7,80
Sandwich Mozzarella  €7,80
Cola €2,40
Cappuccino €2,40
Fresh mint tea €3,00
The service was fast and very kind.
Shopping center Kalvertoren 3rd floor
Singel 457
1012 WP Amsterdam

Pictures courtesy of Miss Andrea Huls

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