Play & Pose with Charlotte Kan in 12 pictures

Play & Pose with Charlotte Kan in 12 pictures

Mar 25, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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What do you get when you put together a fashion designer, several unique designer pieces and fashion bloggers? Charlotte Kan was curious to get an answer to this question and decided to take a risk. And since I love designer who aren’t afraid of taking risks, I decided to get to know her a little better.

I can safely say that Charlotte is a bit different than your typical fashion designer. She never even knew she wanted to design until she discovered the beauty of being able to transform a pattern on paper into an actual garment. The first piece she ever sold, a white subtle version of a raincoat/parka, was to a 70 year old lady who loved how versatile the piece was. And it is that same versatility that characterizes her designs: fashionable and edgy, yet wearable for young and old.

Love for bloggers

When I met Charlotte in her showroom in Amsterdam, I was delighted to hear that she gets inspired by the online fashion world on a daily basis: her collections are based on the styling and photography of young fashion bloggers. She is fascinated by the way these girls take pictures of themselves and post them online, thus forming a style diary for everyone to see. This vulnerability combined with the guts to put themselves out there inspired Charlotte to come up with a project called Play & Pose.

Play & Pose

The concept of Play & Pose, which started in January 2011, is easy, fun and relateble. Each month, Charlotte will design and produce a one-of-a-kind item. She will then select one fashion blogger who gets to keep this item and who will have to fulfill one simple assignment: “Style and photograph yourself with this Charlotte Kan garment”. No restrictions, no fuss. Just fashion is the purest way by letting the bloggers do what they do best: taking pictures of themselves while wearing fabulous, creative outfits.

So if all goes well, in December 2011 Charlotte will have a lookbook that is consisted out of 12 items, shown by 12 pictures of 12 bloggers. Simple and unique, just the way I like it. During our interview, Charlotte told me that she loves giving her style inspirations something back by working together with them. “It’s exciting to let go and give others the freedom to play with your creations. Even though I am losing a sense of control by giving them a free hand, I get to create space for new images and receive new insights on my work.”

Overdose x Charlotte Kan

Since Charlotte has such a strong connection to the online fashion world, we couldn’t deprive you guys of our own version of Play & Pose. Check out the gallery to see 12 pictures of what we (and other bloggers so far) came up with in terms of key spring items to spice up your wardrobe with. We played, we posed and we conquered.

On an important side note: If you are an upcoming fashion blogger who thinks she can Play & Pose as well, don’t be afraid to let us know. Charlotte is still looking for bloggers to work with the coming months! This could be your chance to shine so why not grab it? Contact Charlotte here or go here to do some online Charlotte Kan shopping while you’re at it.

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