Meet and Eat: Cafe Latei

Meet and Eat: Cafe Latei

Mar 10, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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Women are known to be good at many things, but some claim that our expertise lays in just two: eating and shopping. At Cafe Latei we can do both, at the same time! Café Latei is located just off of Nieuwemarkt at the corner of the Zeedijk and is the most peculiar little place. Not only can you enjoy a bite to eat everything that meets the eye is actually for sale.

When you walk in it feels like you have stepped into a time machine and whizzed yourself back to the ’60s. The beach boys singing in the background, the granny wallpaper and cheesy old artefacts intensify this feeling. Café Latei originated in 1994 when the wives of two construction men decided to collect old furniture and sell it together with sandwiches to acquaintances and friends. The current owners purchased the shop in 2001, but still maintain their concept. The retro coffee shop is filled with furniture that is stumbled upon at flea markets from as far away as Belgium and France. From the chair you are sitting on until the cutlery you are eating from, it all has a price ticket on it.

Cafe Latei

Whilst you are antique shopping you can gobble on a sandwich made of humus, grilled aubergine, garlic and rosemary or go for something more sweet. There is also a small sitting area upstairs where tall people will have to ‘mind their head’ because the ceiling seems to be designed for hobbit size people like myself. My photographer in crime and I were offered a real treat: an assortment of Latei’s homemade cheesecake, brownie, apple pie and chocolate cake. I just want to say that Latei’s cheesecake knocked the cake from the Taart van m’n Tante right off the cheesecake chart (this chart exists… in my head). Altogether Cafe Latei is a lovely place to have some good food, meet up with friends, catch up with your mum, do some creative thinking or shop for antiques.

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Cafe Latei, the facts

Humus with grilled eggplant sandwich €4,40
Cheesecake €3,50 (cheaper and much tastier than the one at Taart van m’n Tante)
Chocolate cake €3, 50
Apple cake €3,50
Brownie €2,50
Cappuccino €2,10
Fresh mint tea €2,25
The service was very good.
Very friendly and swift waiters.
Zeedijk 143
1012 AW Amsterdam

Photos by Tamar Weenen

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