Becoming TransNatural, an exposition where nature, art and technology melt together

Becoming TransNatural, an exposition where nature, art and technology melt together

Mar 8, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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I’m a bit of a geek and love science, but I also love art. Unfortunately, these two often don’t mix, but sometimes there are exceptions. Trouw/De Verdieping is now hosting the second edition of an exposition called ‘Becoming TransNatural‘. This exposition sucks us into a new hybrid world where nature, art and technology melt together. It varies from jewelry made out of artificially cultivated bones, playing games with mud, up to cultivating rocks to save Venice from its downfall.

International artists, designers, scientists and companies are featured together during this exhibition which show us how to become ‘transnatural’. This interdisciplinary mix of art objects, texts, speculative design and product is completed with the research and designs of progressive universities and companies.

A few examples which caught my attention straight away:

(In)visible membrane by Sonja Bäumel. This artist transforms bacteria that naturally inhabit the skin into visible, functional and flexible membranes or ‘clothing items’. The organic layer becomes visible on the skin and forms new ‘clothing’.

Or ‘Windowfarms’ which is a small vertical vegetable garden consisting out of recycled materials and advanced glass horticulure hydroponic techniques. This build-it-yourself installation fuses horticulture with the average indoor plant and enables us to grow vegetables in our own houses.

Becoming TransNatural

March 4th – April 1st
Wed. until Sat. 14.00u – 20.00u
Sun. 13.00u – 17.00u

Location: Trouw Amsterdam
Tickets: E7,50

Feature image by Lucy Mcrae

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