Start Gaming, step into the interactive shoe paradise of AliveShoes

Start Gaming, step into the interactive shoe paradise of AliveShoes

Mar 1, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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Every once in a while, I come across ideas that remind me of why I love being in an industry that is so creative. When I got invited to the opening of a new pop-up store in Amsterdam, I expected not to be surprised, but boy, was I wrong..

Shoe brand AliveShoes exceeded my expectations and dragged me into its crazy, arty game world. Their shoes are crafted with eco-friendly materials and handmade and hand-dyed in Italy (in 11 different colours), but all of this isn’t what impressed me so much. Their gaming concept is a lot simpler than it may sound. AliveShoes aims to provide a brand new design experience by combining art, fashion (shoes) and gaming into one.

The Game

The minute you register online, you can start gaming, whether you want to buy the actual shoe or not. And if you happen to like the shoes and purchase them, you can start collecting points by posting pictures of you and your shoes being creative all around the world. Community members can then vote for your picture, and the prices to win are quite amazing. If you manage to collect enough points, you can even get offered a job to join the AliveShoes team and travel the world with them.

It’s not so much their shoes that I am crazy about. It’s more the idea as a whole and the promotion of active creativity. I for one can’t wait to start posting my own looks and take the shoes out for a walk. If you want to do the same, visit the pop-up store and start gaming, but also keep an eye on because we will be doing a give-away with AliveShoes soon.

Why Amsterdam?
When I spoke to Luca, who is the creative brain behind this brand, he told me that the real goal of AliveShoes is to create an active, social community with different kinds of expertise and crafts. Their aim is to bring all these creative talents together offline as well online. I also loved how Luca told me that he chose Amsterdam as the location of his first store because this city is free, independent and open minded. I can’t agree with him more!

Aliveshoes pop-up store

Location: Heiligeweg 7, Amsterdam
Date: Daily until March 6th

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