5 Days On, a wonderful fusion of art and electronic music

5 Days On, a wonderful fusion of art and electronic music

Feb 28, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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5 Days Off has an incredible line-up this year, but you probably knew that already! (And if not, that’s definitely not because of us not informing you enough about it). But did you know that they also have an art programme called 5 Days On? Of course the festival wouldn’t be itself without its electronic tunes, so almost all of the projects feature music. I have taken the liberty of picking out some gems, just for you.

The first three projects are all part of an exposition called Sound Clouds. This has already started at the NIMk (Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst) and the Melkweg. During 5 Days Off, Paradiso will also be displaying some musical art for you.

19:30 by Aleksandra Domanovic

Let’s start of with a personal favourite of mine: 19.30 by Aleksandra Domanovic. This project is an attempt to bring the past and present together. Domanovic, a native from former Yugoslavia, describes how the news used to bring people closer; everybody would sit in front of the television at 19.30 and tune in to watch it. With the birth of the internet, people could watch the news whenever they wanted so the feeling of sharing something was gone. When electronic music got popular in Yugoslavia and people started to cross borders to party together, this feeling of sharing something mutual came back again. So for the past couple of years Domanovic has been collecting sounds from the news, peoples homes and television stations. She then asked some DJ’s she knew to sample them in their music. Not only is this a great way to incorporate the past into the present but by going to 19.30 with a group of friends you are sharing the feeling she wants to bring across again. I can’t think of a better way to begin your evening.

The Johnny Cash Project

Let’s move on to The Johnny Cash Project. Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk are giving you the chance to contribute to the video of the last studio recording that Johnny Cash did: ‘Aint no grave’. Since the project started, already more than 250.000 people sent in their -black and white- drawings of Johnny Cash. ‘A living and breathing memorial’, as one of the visitors states. If you had enough of the electronic music or are feeling inspired by all the amazing drawings on the website, this might just be the thing for you.

Lullaby Land

Well, let’s say you met someone during one of the shows. Being a romantic at heart myself, I feel obliged to tell you about this great opportunity to make that special someone swoon. Harm van den Berg asked numerous people to sing him a lullaby from their childhood, he edited these so that they would be unrecognisable but instead formed an electrical beat. Lullaby Land, as the project is called, is accompanied by a painting of the moon and stars. Because even though we didn’t all learn the same lullaby’s, we do in fact watch the same moon and stars. It can be a bit bright in and around Amsterdam which makes it difficult to see, so why don’t you go and watch the stars here?

Eye Film Institute

You can also go and watch some avant-garde movies from the Eye Film Institute. These will be shown at Cinesonic. But here’s where it gets really good: the movies will get a new soundtrack on the spot. If you’d rather be in the spotlight yourself you can have your picture taking by Maartje van Nimwegen. She will be in both Paradiso and the Melkweg one day, so be sure to the check the schedule for the dates and more interesting initiatives!

May your 5 Days off be filled with some fine beats and amazing arts. Oh, and don’t forget to write a message about your likes and loathes on the analogue Facebook wall at the Balie!

Feature image by Rutger Houweling

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