Learn more about and enjoy the history of African music at Seeing Sounds #10

Learn more about and enjoy the history of African music at Seeing Sounds #10

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Time to share another event that has been going on for a while now, but is not very well known yet. I am talking about Seeing Sounds, which has its 10th edition in Trouw’s basement ‘de Verdieping’ this week (on the 17th). Trouw might be well known from its night function as an industrial electronic music safe haven, but there is also an interesting cultural day programme below its dance floor, with music/film night Seeing Sounds as one of its interesting tenants.

Seeing Sounds is a monthly film night about music culture at de Verdieping. Every month Seeing Sounds presents a movie or documentary that has a strong connection with a certain part of music history, and invites guests and DJ’s to give context to the film. The first edition of Seeing Sounds in 2011 is all about African music. With a documentary about legendary founder of afrobeat, Fela Kuti, but also a focus on modern African dance music from different countries.

Fela Kuti – Music is the Weapon

Fela Kuti is to African music what Bob Marley is to reggae: its prophet. All contemporary forms of black music, from funk to electronic, owe something to the irresistible groove of the Afrobeat sound that he created. He recorded more than 60 albums and spent a lifetime fighting against political corruption in his homeland of Nigeria, where the people affectionately called him their “Black President.”

Shot in Lagos at the peak of his career in 1982, this documentary contains interviews with Fela detailing his thoughts on politics, Pan-Africanism, music and religion, alongside unpublished versions of songs like ITT, Army Arrangement and Power Show. For all who wish to know more about an artist at the heart of African musical history, Fela Kuti: Music is the Weapon is an essential film. “…far more than a glimpse at Fela Kuti playing live.” -PopMatters

Special guest: Asheru Al-Haag

Asheru Al-Haag, founder of the new online magazine Collect & Curate and part of the L’Afrique som Systeme crew, takes you on a tour through more current African dance music. From Coupe Décalé (Ivory Coast) to house music from South Africa and the African influences in UK Funky

L’Afrique Som Systeme Presents: The Jupa Tape by L’Afrique Som Systeme

Seeing Sounds #10: It’s an African thing

Date: Thursday February 17th
Location De Verdieping, Trouw Amsterdam
Tickets: €2,50
20.00 Music selected by Asheru Al-Haag
20.30 Talk and video’s Africa now, by Asheru Al-Haag & Radna
21.15 Film: Fela Kuti – Music is the Weapon
22.15 Music
23.00 End

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