Just Visiting: techno DJ and producer Stephan Bodzin

Feb 14, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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A while back (on December 10th, last year) we got the privilege to visit one of my favourite producers of the moment, Stephan Bodzin. This passionate musician from Bremen has become a heavy influence for an awful lot of electronic producers worldwide. He’s one of the few techno phenomenons like Gui Boratto, Booka Shade and Paul Kalkbrenner that focuses on melodies that endure and stick around for a while. We got to ask the man five questions, and while we were at it, filmed a few highlights of his gig (with the help of Electronation). Read, view, listen, love, go see next time.

Liebe ist… (Herzblut-Recordings) by stephanbodzin

1. It was your first gig at Amsterdam’s infamous Melkweg, how was it?
I had a great time, crazy gig, crazy venue. I’ve played in Amsterdam a few times before, but this city keeps surprising me when it comes down to its venues. A while back I did a gig at the Sugar Factory right across the street during the Amsterdam Dance Event, I had no idea there was a venue of this calibre opposite of it.

2. Right before you drove all the way to our town, you stated on Twitter that Amsterdam is the techno capital of the world, how come?
It absolutely is, for sure. As a techno artist, you always dream of doing a gig in Amsterdam some time, no other city in the world has so many well-organized techno-orientated venues a your capital. There’s always a good vibe hanging in the air, good parties, nice people, it’s no coincidence ADE is the biggest dance event in the world.

3. So Bremen, your hometown, is very different?
I live in Bremen because there is nothing. I travel every week and come back just to work, chill and produce. As a performer it’s very hard to find peace when you’re out on tour, we need places like Bremen to relax.

4. Next to Stephan Bodzin, you also have a side project with Oliver Huntemann called Rekorder, why is every single song titled with only digits? I have a hard time memorizing tracks…
No real reason, it’s just chronologically easy to label tracks. We’re just not creative enough to give title tracks a real name. Basically we’re just focused on making good music, not thinking of genius titles.

5. I specifically like the track ‘9.2’ a lot, can you tell me more about that one?
Ah that’s a dark one, it’s funny you mention that one, I think that’s actually a Depeche Mode remix.

5.1. We call it the submarine song.
Haha cool, cheers!

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