A closer look at 5 Days Off's electronic music extravaganza

A closer look at 5 Days Off’s electronic music extravaganza

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With 5 Days Off coming closer and the line-up getting nearer to completion, it’s time to take a better look at all the music that is coming to our little town in the beginning of March (2nd to 6th). For this article, we’ve asked some of our friends and colleagues with a distinguished taste to recommend one night of the programme, and tell you why that night is the one you definitely shouldn’t miss. Funny thing is, they all picked a different one.

Rob Simon about Closer

Forgive me for starting with my own advice, but my favourite night just happens to be the one on the first night of the festival. I am talking about ‘Closer’, which is featuring a DJ set by Caribou, the interesting Zomby (if he shows up this time), music producer, DJ and electronic avant-pop artist Matthew Dear, and my personal favourite and high rotation artist of 2010, Gold Panda. What I like about host Jorn Liefdeshuis’ selection is the genre-crossing aspect that all his acts seem to have. Expect a mix between indie pop, techno, house and bass music. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that Caribou isn’t live, but I guess you can’t have it all..

You by Gold Panda

Ridz Beetstra about Ellen Alien, Koze, Joris Voorn and 2 Many DJ’s and friends

For me, next to the Closer night with great names such as Caribou and Gold Panda on Wednesday, it’s all about the discovery of upcoming indie/electronica artists during these kinds of festivities. Both local and international names fulfil my needs on the Thursday night especially. In the Melkweg it’s all about experimental minimal/techno featuring top notch German producers such as Ellen Allien, DJ Koze and our exploding local product Joris Voorn amongst others. Get your energizers together!

If you’re more into the harder genre called electro, go next door. Paradiso is hosting the one and only DJ duo that “made indie kids listen to electronic music”: 2mandydjs. Supported by other Belgian protégés like 14 year old Ego Troopers, Paul Chambers, The Living Islands and noise-trio Drums Are For Parades, sweat is bound to drip from the roof. Although the raw kind of electro we’re used to might be dying, I’m looking forward to local hero’s like Homework, The Heykids and Terry Toner presenting their new interpretation of the genre.

Ridz is.. one of our own writers here at Overdose.am. He has something with midgets, oddly, writes your weekly guide to the Amsterdam night life ‘Next Monday’s Hangover’, occasionally interviews stars such as Gui Boratto and will be the breakthrough minimal techno DJ of 2012.. or maybe 2013.

DJ Mixes by Homework

Ilja Keizer about DMZ

Among the artists are some of of my current favourites, like the guy that’s swiftly turning into some sort of a sensation; James Blake. The guy has released a number of brilliant EP’s last year with ‘The Bells Sketch’, ‘CMYK’ and ‘Klavierwerke’, and more recently his self-titled debut album, that has a bigger focus on his sensational vocal abilities, but which is also taking him more into mainstream territory. The single ‘Limit to Your Love‘ (Feist cover) even seems to be everybody’s favourite song of the moment. Unfortunately James Blake will only be doing a DJ-set on the festival, which won’t give spectators quite the same sensation as seeing him performing live, but I’m quite sure he will be creating a nice vibe anyway.

Another great act performing this night is Skream, that had a breakthrough last year with their ‘Outside the Box’ album and a load of quality 12 inch releases. Their style varies from very danceable ravey break-beat / dubstep tracks to more poppy sounds, with ‘Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall’ (great video) as my favourite track. Last act that I want to recommend is Darkstar, the trio that had a major hit with the dreamy melancholic track ‘Aidy’s Girl’s a Computer’ and who released other successful tracks like ‘Lilyliver’ and ‘Need You’ on the famous Hyperdub label, and finally their full album release ‘North’, which has much more of a softer synth like sound.

Ilja Keizer is a photographer and blogger (together with Stefan de Haan).

Man Tussen de Jassen about Foxes & Wolves

The Wolves, consisting of legendary house producer Tom Trago, all-rounder Tettero and disconnaisseur Job de Wit (Check the house and disco sections @ 22tracks.com) are completed by a dazzling line-up of Foxes. The big names are Hercules and Love affair, who’ve just dropped their mind-blowing second studio album, and Aeroplane who just doesn’t seem to be able to stop blurting out quality track after quality track. These big-shots are refreshingly complemented by (and this is what I’m eager for) funny, happy, live performance disco-pop duo French Horn Rebellion and the equivalently quality disco-house (re)mixers of The Twelves. This mix-mash of energetic disco and house is topped off with a chill-wave garnish provided by NON-records’ multi-talented producer-with-that-jaw-dropping-liveshow Palmbomen. Grab this chance to check him out because the USA will be at his feet not far from now.

Man Tussen de Jassen (c) Lars Konijnenberg / laruko.nl

DJ ‘Man Tussen de Jassen’ (don’t even ask) mixes, flirts with and loves music wholeheartedly. He ranges from disco to vocal and deep house but also doesn’t mind the occasional harder stuff. For this years 5 Days Off, he would definitely recommend you disco-heads to keep your Saturday night open.

Check out more his own work here.

Aeroplane January 2011 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

MileZ about Colors

The kind people at Overdose.am asked me to advise you on which party you should go to during the 5 Days Off festival. On Saturday the 5th of March, Paradiso will be taken over by Colors, one of Amsterdam’s most forward thinking organisations. Colors is a two-monthly club night that normally takes place in Trouw and is mainly focussing on the UK sound and bass driven music in general. Colors has already welcomed leading artists in this genre like Jackmaster, Roska and Bok Bok. For 5 Days Off, Colors has invited MJ Cole, Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, Ikonika and Optimum, together with local heroes Presk, Awanto 3, Styx & Mike Engine and Gomes. Are you serious? I mean, this line-up is just sick. If you are are a fan of UK music or curious what it’s all about, you can not miss this night. I personally believe the UK scene is one of the most forward scenes out there at the moment and this night has everything in it to become the highlight of 5 Days Off. Don’t miss!

MileZ is a 25 year old UK-garage/2step DJ/producer from Utrecht.

Atze de Vrieze about Modeselektion

Modeselektion is the new Radio Soulwax. The German duo Modeselektor takes their friends and musical heroes everywhere they go. Already at STRP in Eindhoven at the end of last year, now also in Amsterdam. The beautiful thing about the concept is that it is everything but purist. From techno to dubstep, and every cross-breed in between. Featuring the twisted hip-hop of Hudson Mohawke, new electrobass talent Siriusmo and Detroit talent Kyle Hall.

Atze is a music journalist for VPRO and 3voor12.

Modeselektion Vol.01 #1 (MTR04) by Modeselektor

Feature image by Salomao Nunes.

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