Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary #8

Ordinary People Looking Extraordinary #8

Feb 2, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Normal people in Amsterdam who show their own style, caught on the street by our cameras. More street style from Amsterdam here.

The best part of Amsterdam International Fashion Week is checking out all the visitors watching the catwalk shows. Fashion Week is the Superbowl of style and the national championship of extravaganza. After all, how credible is a catwalk show without any fashionable spectactors? For a country where it’s quite unusual to use the streets as a catwalk, there is a lot of eye candy for the style hungry during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Yoga already showed you a few well styled people at AIFW in this post, and here are the people I came across.

Photos by Annelijn Hooij

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