Return to the past and listen to mixtapes from Amsterdam

Return to the past and listen to mixtapes from Amsterdam

Feb 1, 2011 |  by  |  Music
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Who doesn’t recall the days spent sitting in front of dad’s stereo set, trying to time the recording of radio songs onto a cassette tape to perfection. You didn’t want the DJ’s voice on your holiday mixtape, but missing too much of the start of a song meant waiting endlessly for the song’s next turn in airtime rotation.. I guess a big chunk of our readers grew up completely with KaZaA, Napster and torrents and missed out on all this romance (that’s what we call those hours of frustration years later, right?). But mixtapes are back!
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Enter Mixed-Tapes, an initiative from Amsterdam that invites music professionals to make a mixtape, 2011 style. This means a playlist of about an hour long in our favourite program Spotify, full of hand picked songs by people like Nalden, Krause and the most recent addition, one by!

Check out our playlist for Mixed-Tapes on Spotify here, or our other popular Spotify playlist ‘Indie Now’ here.


Feature image courtesy of Dennis AB.

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