Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 5 - Elsien Gringhuis

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 5 – Elsien Gringhuis

Feb 1, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Elsien Gringhuis, winner of the Green Fashion Competition, showed her Fall/Winter 2011 collection ‘One of these days’ this Sunday. The collection is named after a song by Pink Floyd and was inspired by typical Dutch landscapes with their endless grasslands and constant windiness. The show started with the fragile sound of flowing wind over a short film featuring a typical Dutch beauty with green eyebrows. A perfect way to grow the public’s desire for the catwalk show to begin.

The collection as a whole felt fresh and minimalistic. Elsien used natural materials such as leather and silk in perfect proportions. Think of a silk dress with long leather gloves or a gradient dress with a patent white harness. Other natural materials she used were bamboo and wool. The colour palette was filled with black, white and different tones of pastel green and blue. The first few models wore mostly black and white, while the rest wore blue and green ensembles. Unfortunately, this division resulted in a less coherent fashion show.

Every model had painted green or blue eyebrows, a catchy detail which gave them more of a high fashion look. Also remarkably were the sculptural shoes with metal slices serving as heels designed by Rosanne Bergsma. They looked more like painful murder weapons than shoes, but they gave a fashionable finishing touch to the whole look.

All in all, Elsien Gringhuis created a refreshing collection filled with wearable clothing and using natural materials and plain colors. No hodge-podge for Elsien Gringhuis, and that’s how we like it in Holland.

Pictures by Annelijn Hooij.

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