Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 3 - Addy van den Krommenacker

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 3 – Addy van den Krommenacker

Jan 29, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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Sabrina (who is old as fuck) has more energy than a Duracell bunny, and uses it to dance in the newest clubs, eat too much junk food, play all the videogames, examine apps and shop - even though she has more than enough clothes. Sorry Earth.

A full moon, a forest and river. All these images were shown at the Addy van den Krommenacker show. Unfortunately nobody really noticed it because they were too busy watching the 60 (!!) outfits and dresses pass by. Van den Krommenacker stayed true to his signature style of fairytale dresses and the occasional suit. Even the models couldn’t suppress a smile and seemed to have genuine fun, floating their dresses alluringly across the catwalk.

All but three or maybe four outfits in the show were green and although the crowd loved it, there was no standing ovation. Maybe because a lot of the attendees were customers and green isn’t for everybody. The models were mostly blondes or redheads and as a brunette I must say, green isn’t my colour either. Don’t get me wrong, for one of these dresses I would gladly make an exception but a lot of ‘clients’ didn’t seem too pleased. A real shame, since the collection was a welcome variation of glitters and ruffles.

The shapes were often very organic and almost mythical. The make-up was soft and natural. The hair was curled or just loosely hanging over the models’ shoulders. Everything had an obvious connection to nature. It was a good thing Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep‘ was bursting out of the speakers because I almost dozed of into a fairytale wonderland, filled with a full moon, a forest and a lot of Addy van den Krommenacker dresses.

Photos by Sabrina Beek:

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