NON BY KIM F/W 2011 presentation at SALON/

NON BY KIM F/W 2011 presentation at SALON/

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NON BY KIM, in collaboration with SALON/ and Museum Willet-Holthuysen, gave us an opportunity of having the unique experience of seeing her full collection in an entirely different concept. They did a presentation of their collection in a museum, yes a museum, instead of doing it on a catwalk. Entering the museum was quite an experience. I had never been there before and I was amazed by its beautiful interiors. The presentation itself was shown in several different rooms, corridors and floors.

The models were dressed in NON’s latests designs and were re-enacting daily rituals as ‘projections from the subconscious’. This environment helped me to imagine the actual process of making the clothing and it also shows how KIM, the designer, really puts her focus on the details. The fabric used in the new collections are mainly organic. One thing that really caught my eyes was the necklines. KIM is trying to play and experiment with these neck and armholes, which is quite unusual for mens clothing. I also really like the fact that the clothing seems very wearable and the recycled wool material is in solid colours such as light grey and light blue.

When asked how she kept her collections looking so fashionable while protecting the environment too, she answered that she has always been aware of the responsibilities we have towards nature and that when she was young she grew up with a deep love and respect for it. The inspiration for the presentation of the collection came from her interests in art and culture. Her affinity for music, art, film, photography and literature will undoubtedly continue to evolve and surprise us!

Featured image by Team Peter Stigter

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