Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 – Roparosa & Bravoure

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Day 2 – Roparosa & Bravoure

Jan 27, 2011 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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The morning of the second day of Amsterdam International Fashion Week Amsterdam brought two very interesting collections to the catwalk: Roparosa, by Roos van der Kamp, and Bravoure Amsterdam.

Since 2007, Roparosa focused on defined, geometrical designs and edgy combinations of fluorescent colors. This collection’s catwalk was no different. The pieces were a combination of match ‘n make tops and bottoms and ready to wear dresses. Although I expected to see a lot more from the brand, I was not disappointed at all! The looks were simple but playful, with David Bowie-style make-up and fabulous accessories. The geometrical forms of the pieces completed the composition, and some amazing knitted tops really stood out on the catwalk.

Roparosa is an excellent choice for those fashionistas that are looking for exclusive pieces at reasonable prices, as they can be purchased from € 50,- up. Very affordable considering the quality and eye for detail in the collection.

Right after Roparosa, Bravoure Amsterdam presented their, quite different, collection. Bravoure catwalk showed all-black pieces, which created more of a gothic environment with looks being completed by amazing hat shapes, including some Aztec-feather resemblance hats and Indonesian-like golden crowns.

Jumpsuits and dresses showed African beaded details, giving a little bit of color to the collection, though keeping it simple and elegant. Some pieces had golden metals embedded in the front, making those details the center of attention. All in all, Bravoure presents quite an interesting combination of different ethnicities that brought a lot of energy to the catwalk.

So far it looks like these brands are in the fast pace to bring iconic pieces to all of us with a passion for fashion!

Many more posts will follow this week during Amsterdam International Fashion Week, so stay tuned with!

Text by Ana Camargo, pictures by Tamar Weenen

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