Prepare for life in an extreme lunar environment with Alicia Framis

Prepare for life in an extreme lunar environment with Alicia Framis

Jan 24, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Beamclub #17 guest Alicia Framis has submerged herself in space travel. In her recent work for the New York Performa biennial entitled ‘Lost Astronaut’, Framis explored the New York city centre in a genuine astronaut suit bought from Russia, thereby turning all of Manhattan into the moon. She lived in the suit for two weeks performing pre-determined activities written down in scores by internationally acclaimed artists and writers such as Marina Abramovic, who ordered her to ‘read the entire New York Times backwards’.

Alicia Framis

At the Beamclub she will present her most recent global project ‘Moon Life’, which speculates on the possibility that humans will inhabit space somewhere in the future. Moon Life thus hopes to be a stimulus for artists and designers worldwide to start creating concepts for an extreme lunar environment. Alicia herself started by crafting the first two sided Coca-Cola bottle, strictly for use in zero gravity surroundings only. (Read the Moon Life manual online!)

The Rijksakademie BeamClub is a monthly night where former resident Sarah van Sonsbeeck invites artists whom she met via this renowned international arts institute and asks them to present videos that truly inspire them and their work.

Beamclub #17: Alicia Framis

Date: Wednesday January 26th, 20:00
Location: De Verdieping, Trouw Amsterdam
Tickets: €2,50

Feature image by Nick. K.

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