Nuit Blanche's open call to improve Amsterdam

Nuit Blanche’s open call to improve Amsterdam

Jan 24, 2011 |  by  |  Art
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Globetrotters probably already know about this, but Nuit Blanche is an extremely popular nighttime arts festival held in cities like Paris, New York and Tokyo. Which, surprisingly enough, is still relatively unknown in Amsterdam. The one-night festival serves as a laboratory for the city of tomorrow, a gathering of pioneers and curious individuals. Numerous locations will be used to host or showcase innovative ideas. Think early-morning restaurants, partying as a physical exercise or using LED lights to grow vegetables in vacant office buildings.

During Nuit Blanche, on June 18th 2011, approximately 15.000 visitors will step into the different locations from 7pm to 7am. As official media partner of the upcoming edition of Nuit Blanche, we will keep you updated on all exciting things happening. To start off with, Nuit Blanche is giving YOU the opportunity to turn your awesome, creative ideas into something real.

Open Call for Nuit Blanche 2011

Nuit Blanche is looking for new ideas, cool initiatives and enthusiastic participants, who rather think in solutions instead of obstacles to make our city a better place. To improve Amsterdam they welcome every good, attainable idea that fits into one of these categories:

  • Cultural participation
  • New functions for places and locations
  • Innovative bar concepts
  • Product innovation
  • New (technical) applications and new media
  • A 24 hour economy
  • Total use of city and night

The best and most inspiring solutions and concepts will be carried out and ‘tested’ during the actual festival night. Did we trigger your creative button? Send an email or visit Nuit Blanche’s Facebook page if you want to read the complete guidelines (both English and Dutch) to the open call. Stay tuned to for more updates about our creative collaboration!

Feature image courtesy of Nuit Blanche
Image 2 courtesy of Tim Pen

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