Meet and Eat: Foodies at Goodies

Meet and Eat: Foodies at Goodies

Jan 13, 2011 |  by  |  Spots
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Hi! My name is Faye and I will be your guide through Amsterdam for the day! Enjoys randomness chat, good banter and will help you find the best dealers in fun, food and adventure.

Our town has many places to visit for a bite and sizzle those taste buds. The Meet and Eat series will lend you a hand and help uncover the diverse cuisine of Amsterdam.

A new year calls for new resolutions. For the average person this means eating less junk and working out the trunk. My suggestion is to go shop ’till you drop (flex those trunk muscles) and have a healthy sandwich to reward yourself for daring to try on new clothes after all that Christmas stuffing and New Year bubbly. The Negen Straatjes is a great place to practice your new work-out plan. After scoring your new gear, my reward advice is to hop into Goodies.

You will first have to struggle with a large black curtain before actually entering the shop, but the fight will be well worth it. Goodies is a small café that has a messy and cosy feel to it. While I am waiting for my photographing partner in crime I order a café latte from a charming young man and check out the surroundings. An older lady next to me is putting some red lipstick on and two young girls chat about a recent heartbreak. Elsewhere, two large pictures are hanging on the wall in the small room. One of the pictures is an African woman smiling and baring her bright white teeth to the customers.

Goodies by Faye Lui

Meanwhile, my friend has arrived and we have a look at the menu. Goodies offers a large choice of cold and hot sandwiches. After careful deliberation I choose a BLTA sandwich, which consists of the obvious bacon, lettuce and tomato, but has an avocado and mustard mayonnaise twist. Andrea is feeling spicy and orders the Chicken Tikka sandwich, which consists of marinated grilled chicken with a medium yoghurt spicy sauce and cashew nuts. Got your mouth watering yet? When the orders arrive we are surprised by the size of the sandwich, they’re very big, but taste really.. really good. After lunch we don’t feel like leaving yet and decide to be cheeky by ordering a crème brûlée with caramelized cane sugar to share. Did it taste like angels were peeing on my tongue? No, the crème brûlée was good, but I have definitely tasted better.

Goodies, the facts

Chicken Tikka sandwich €6,75
BLTA Bacon €5,75
Crème brûlée €4,75
The service was good. The waiters were very swift and helpful with questions on the menu.
Huidenstraat 9

Pictures courtesy of Miss Andrea Huls

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