Join Emmelie Zipsons search for the Russian roots of her theatrical personality and vodka

Join Emmelie Zipsons search for the Russian roots of her theatrical personality and vodka

Jan 12, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event
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We at share our office space (the amazing Lev Kaupas office) with a very mixed collective of creative initiatives. Inspiring as this is, I often find myself distracted by listening to the awesome stories from the other members and forget doing my own work. One of these storytellers is Emmelie Zipson, who in her latest press statement is described as a ‘theatrical whirlwind’ on high heels (I can vouch for the whirlwind part). She sings, makes music, dances, acts and tells absurd stories, and wants to invite you to an intimate try-out of her new show ‘Nieuw Bloed’ this Friday.

´Nieuw Bloed´ is about Emmelie’s search for the roots of her theatrical personality. Together with Pianist and travel companion Albert Klein Goldewijk she will sing Yiddish tearjerkers, a musical ode to vodka, dance the Trojka and sing the Russian national anthem while standing upside down. You guessed right, she is of Jewish-Russian, Polish, Austrian, English and Dutch descent!

Especially for this first try-out, Emmelie is offering you all a discount and free vodka. Just mention the word ‘vodka’ when you make your reservation or at the door and save €2,50. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, there will be two more try-outs in Amsterdam later on in February, but you’ll miss out on the discount and behind the scenes feeling of a very first public performance!

Nieuw Bloed Try-out


Date #1: January 14th, 20:30
Location: Theater de Cameleon, 3de Kostverlorenkade 27
Tickets: €12,50 with free vodka (€10 if you mention the password vodka)

Date #2: February 3rd and 4th, 20:30
Location: Apollofirst Theater, Apollolaan 123
Tickets: €18,-

Emmelie Zipson Nieuw Bloed flyer

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