Discover the future of electronic music and visual performances at Fiber Festival

Discover the future of electronic music and visual performances at Fiber Festival

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FIBER Festival is a new audiovisual network festival, taking place on January 15th 2011 at, De Verdieping, the basement of the renowned venue of TrouwAmsterdam. FIBER concentrates on a new generation of artists, designers and musicians (DJ’s, VJ’s and producers) who understand the importance of sharing knowledge and combined efforts in order to realise an interdisciplinary experience of (visual) art and music. Expect new developments such as projection mapping, live visuals, interactive installations and innovatory electronic music.”

When I read the promo text above about Saturday’s Fiber Festival I got curious. There are easier and less complicated ways to say you are hosting an expo about visuals, music and the complete experience that they create together, but this is something I am interested in. I myself think that people will be looking for experiences that tickle all the senses more and more this year, and that events consisting of just a line up of a few straightforward DJ’s and a bar will steadily become less popular. So what exactly can we expect from Fiber?

A look at the programme

The festival is divided into two parts: DAY and NIGHT. DAY is the expo program featuring installations, lectures/presentations, performances and a special festival edition of the Openhaard talks. NIGHT is our club night with integrated visual performances and electronic music brought by DJ’s and live acts. I picked a few things out of the line-up that I think will be interesting. For the full programme you can of course visit the Fiber Festival website.


Monodeer is dirty 8-bit electronics on two classic Gameboys Nintendo Gameboy from 1989 using LSDJ. Since 2008 Mark van den Heuvel started to make electronic music as a chiptune and 8-bit micromusic artist.

RE: is a 360 mapping installation that uses mirrors to enable a projector to project on all sides of its own surface. The installation – by young artists Bram Snijders and Carolien Teunisse -has been touring with the support of V2_ Institute for Unstable Media.

Watch virtual ‘life’ overgrow the real world! This installation by Lieven van Velthoven starts from one or two spots and it will slowly but surely spread out and trace the world. Certain areas may remain ‘uninfected’. People can use their body to carry the ‘life’ to a new place, from where it will then spread further.


Tarik is a Dutch audiovisual composer and software developer. At FIBER he will perform live with Versum; a software tool which he programmed to create three-dimensional audiovisual compositions. The feature image above is an example of his work.

Delta Funktionen’s inventive dj-sets expose a true love for techno with utmost respect for its Berlin and Detroit roots. At Fiber, he will have 2,5 hours to cast his spell on the dancefloor and enslave the crowd with his deep, uncompromising sound.

Fiber Festival

DAY: During the festival EXPO, starting a/v-artists, designers and electronic musicians present their installations, live performances and brief test cases.
NIGHT: Delta Funktionen, Delsin, Mohlao, Meanwhile, Fafi Fabi, Club Streetway & .Pim
Date: January 15th
Location: Trouw Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 127
Tickets: DAY €5,- / NIGHT+DAY €15,-

Fiber Festival

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