winterSALON/, a dialogue between art, photography, illustrations and fashion

winterSALON/, a dialogue between art, photography, illustrations and fashion

Jan 7, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion
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From the 15th to the 30th of January you will be able to see well-known designers, but also some fresh new talent. No, I’m not talking about the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (it does however coincide with this), this is about winterSALON/. A dialogue between art, photography, illustrations and fashion. An initiative by SALON/, who want to spark a discussion about fashion and its ability to cross ‘design’ borders, and that’s exactly what makes this so interesting.

Not just anybody has the ability to make people see the similarities between art and fashion but SALON/ does, with over thirty contributors showing their work this time (They’re quite the ‘collection’ all by themselves). This event will take place at six beautiful, hand picked locations that contrast with the art. (Think Murakami in Versailles!) Don’t be fooled by the hideous flyer; it’s definitely worth your time.


Exhibited work includes more than 30 contributors, from Claes Iversen to NON by Kim. For all the participants check out their website.
Date: 15th-30th of January.
Locations: Huize Frankendael, Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Droog, Museum van Loon, De Waag, Museum Willet Holthuysen.
Tickets: €10,- passé-partout for access throughout the two weeks. Tickets can be bought on the website or at Droog.

Here is a list of presentations. While some are invitation only, the six locations will be open for public everyday –except for the days that they’re normally closed-:

  • 15th January – Opening winterSALON/
  • 16th January – Show YOUASME MEASYOU (invitation only)
  • 20th January – Show SOBER (invitation only)
  • 22nd January – Show Pauline van Dongen (invitation only)
  • 25th January – Show NON by KIM (invitation only)
  • 27th January – Show NOMI
  • 28th January – Presentation EHUD en Hyun Yeu

For more information visit


Picture of Huize Frankendael by Berend B

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