A fox, a panda and Lego, what do they all have in common? The magical world of La Lisette

A fox, a panda and Lego, what do they all have in common? The magical world of La Lisette

Dec 24, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion

I was first drawn to La Lisette a few years back, when I saw a leather iPhone case with a super cute Asian-inspired big-eyed black cat that one of my besties’ sister had designed and sewed. It looked quite funky and girly so I was interested in having a look at more of these creations. At that time, the brand only had a few items that were designed on request. The past year, the brand created by Lisette Eggink has started to get tons of attention, as her pieces propose a unique merge of the urban Amsterdam lifestyle vibe and a bold Asian, almost cartoon-ish feel in every accessory.

Visiting La Lisette’s charming studio

Lisette works from a charming little studio set in her home on the Rozengracht, where pieces of cat shaped leather, Japanese inspired art and graffiti prints lie around. Last week, on the rainiest day, I had the chance to visit her studio and find out more about her and have a look at more creations.

La Lisette

For each and every item, Lisette works on a vintage Juki sewing machine, which she has been using since 2006. That is when she decided to take her chance and start designing one-of-a kind fashion items, inspired by her many travels to Asia and her own personal urban-chic style. Polka dots, bows, girly-chic details and bold metallic colours are all integrated within her accessories, but graffiti influence can also be sensed in some of the customized pieces.

I always observe a lot. I get a lot of ideas from street culture, travelling and my own imagination.

La Lisette - Juki sewing machine

Handmade quality as a core value

All La Lisette accessories are made by hand, by her! This is one of the values that cannot be found in a lot of brands nowadays. Every item is made with hand-picked fabrics like leather, canvas or even tent fabric. All details are made with pieces of metal, chains and buttons and put together in a not-too-serious way.

Most importantly, I make things that I would like to wear myself!

Lisette had her first foot in fashion during University and started off by making stuff for friends and some small shops. After she quit her day job (also in fashion) and came back from a 6 month trip, she didn’t feel like going back to a 9-to-5 job. So, she gave it a shot, and since then, her creations have been featured in magazines like H Spain, Nenz and others.

Below are some examples of Lisette’s creations. You can check out more products online at lalisette.nl or follow her on Facebook.

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