Behind the Scenes of the Filling Pieces spring/summer 2011 collection

Behind the Scenes of the Filling Pieces spring/summer 2011 collection

Dec 23, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Filling Pieces, an Amsterdam based footwear brand that aims to fill the gap between haute couture and street couture, just released its new shoe collections for spring/summer 2011. I was lucky enough to be there during their photo shoot and will therefore give you some insight with a behind the scenes report and a small interview with the man behind the label, Guillaume Phillibert.

What is the concept behind your new collection?
Filling Pieces stands for filling the gap between the haute and street couture, which is the main concept of the brand. In my eyes no other brand has succeeded in filling this gap yet. Our last collection was all about classic and safe, tanned colours and warm materials were its the basis. For this summer, the sub-concept is more about fresh colours and of not being afraid to stand out. The thought behind our look book was of a classic but natural image, with the sneakers as the main focus.. More like a preppy, dressed up style, but then with cool sneakers!

What kind of fabrics do you use?
All leather and suede to get a classic and sophisticated look and feeling, with a sporty vulcanized rubber sole. Sometimes materials are more important than the structure of the design, so I find this important. Besides using more colours, the use of better materials is also what differentiates this collection from last year’s.

The shoes are sporty and chic at once and connect people and styles.

What is your favourite shoe from the new collection, and why?
Normally, the desert boots are my favourites. They are based on and inspired by the the original Clark desert boots. But for the summer my favourite model is the boat top. An open and easy going boat sneaker which is inspired by Sebagos and Wallabees. The colour I would probably wear every day is the cognac with dark green one. They are called the Boat Tops ‘polo Swurdins’.

Plans for the future?
My plans are to keep creating more and to renew the collections, and to work with cool people. The most important thing to me is to keep designing and to make products I like myself, and that other people like too. The feeling I get when people enjoy wearing my footwear and understand the concept is my main drive. The big plan is to continue this all!

For the new collections, Filling Pieces is introducing four new models. A Low Top, Boat Top, High Top and Desert Boot available in fresh summer colours and nicely made of fine leathers and nubuck fabrics. I’ve attached some pictures from the Filling Pieces spring/summer 2011 look book below.

Retailers (Amsterdam): One, 8cht Sneakers, Ontfront, Freshcotton and Afura

Photo shoot credits:
Creative Director: Guillaume Phillibert
Photography: Dennis Swiatkowski and Carista Naomi
Styling: Mirelva Berghout

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