The Vault Sessions #15: House of Cosy Cushions

Dec 12, 2010 |  by  |  Music
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The Vault Sessions is a monthly series by MixTup, in which they invite an artist they support to the old bank vault in the middle of their office and film them. More Vault Sessions here.

This month MixTup’s Vault Sessions features House of Cozy Cushions. This band was formed by Amsterdammer Richard Bolhuis and already played the mythical stage of Paradiso 5 years ago. But Bolhuis then moved to Ireland, where he slowly restarted the project with Irish band members and influences. Over there the band grew, had a few releases and received a lot of praise. Nowadays they split their time between Ireland and Holland, which gives us a chance to see what happened. I myself have recently been really into folky and lo-fi indie music, much to the annoyance of co-editor and techno head Ridz, and really like what I’m hearing. Have a listen!

House of Cosy Cushions

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