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If you are a fan of hard banging electro stuff like I am, you would probably know Designer Drugs by now. Designer Drugs consists of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson. This New York based DJ duo has produced crazy remixes for the likes of Little Boots, Mariah Carey, Thieves Like Us and many others. Recently, Designer Drugs went on a European tour which began in Paris and ends in Lisbon, promoting their new release Through The Prism under the label Ultra Records. Luckily enough, I got a chance to have a quick interview with Michael just before their gig in Paradiso.

DATAMIX – X by Designer Drugs, via discopunkblogspot

Coming to Amsterdam

So, Michael can you say hi to our readers here in Amsterdam?
Howdy! That’s how we say it in America.

Where is Theo? Not on the tour? And how long have you guys known each other?
Yeah, he’s in Medical School and he’s actually doing like surgery rotations right now, so he couldn’t come with me. I’ve known him for long time, since high school. We’ve gotten into a lot of troubles together, haha.

Ok, fair enough. What do you like about Amsterdam? Have you ever been here before?
No, first time. I’m excited yeah! I haven’t seen anything yet, so I don’t know. I’ll find out I guess. But I have to say I think its nice that you can smoke pot in cafes, its always good.

Do you smoke a lot yourself?
Mm.. No. Haha, my grandparents are probably gonna read this, so I don’t want them to think that I’m doing drugs or something.

Ok, a bit of a serious question here. Tonight, you will play at a “World AIDS Day” party, so anything you want to say about that?
Wear Condoms. Its the only recommendations I got.

The future

What about Designer Drugs’s plans for the future?
Well, we just released the first single of our album, Through The Prism, we are about to release some remixes and then we are going to do our next single called Dead Me; it’s a punk-rock song we did with Justin Pearson from All Leather.

How do you see yourself in the future?
Retired. I’m trying to save money right now so I can just chill.

One thing people get to know Designer Drugs is from their free remixes and Datamixes. When is the next one going to be released?
I think we almost have enough new songs that I like, so its banging out sometime in mid-December once I get back to the states. Datamixes are fun though, just like you said. We are getting great response, thousands of downloads! And you know, I’m not one of those people who is trying to make money selling them to people, so I would rather giving them away

Okay, one last thing. Can you give a shout out to Amsterdam’s party-goers out there?
Amsterdam. I’m really excited to go to the Red Light district, haha. Well, I heard its wild here, so I’m really excited! Paradiso is going to be sick tonight! They said its gonna be pretty packed so I’m excited!

Hard banging electro

Here are some of the remixes they did and their latest Datamix, Datamix 11! enjoy!
Mariah Carey – I’ll Be Lovin U (DESIGNER DRUGS remix)
Little Boots – Meddle (DESIGNER DRUGS remix)

Images courtesy of Designer Drugs.

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