Talk and learn about film trailers at the Ketelhuis tonight

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Should trailers capture the essence of a film? This will be the main topic of discussion tonight at 20:00 in the Ketelhuis. The main reason the NFTVM (association of new film and television makers) organized this night is because of the film trailer of Anton Corbijn’s The American (trailer above); the trailer promised action, thrills and the naked body of George Clooney, and although the film was pretty darn good it told the audience a different, slower story.

Topics tonight:

- Should a trailer be in the same style as the film?
– Which party decides the style of a trailer?
– Who makes trailers?
– How do you make a trailer?

To answer these questions and join the discussion, the guests will be:

- Job ter Burg: Dutch “Gouden Kalf” winner for best editing and montage for the films Tirza, Liefde en Oorlogswinter.
– Rachel van Bommel: Managing Director of Independent Films, the biggest independent film distributor of the Netherlands.
– Frans van Gestel: producer at IDTV-film and Motel films, one of the biggest film producer of the Netherlands, and also an advisor of the Dutch film grant.
– During the night Radu Ion will also be joining, famous for the trailer of The Bourne Supremacy and more.

NFTVM Trailer Talkshow

Date: December 6th, 20:00
Location: Ketelhuis
Tickets: €5,-

The American

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