Het Kabinet festival in twelve pictures

Het Kabinet festival in twelve pictures

Dec 2, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Photos
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Hi! I'm Ernesto. I will bring you a visual perspective of the cool stuff happening here in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

‘Het Kabinet festival’, last weekend at Studio/K started with waiting in line for an hour with tons of people in the freezing cold, with only a distant techno beat and the thought of seeing techno legend Matthew Jonson live keeping me warm. After some body parts had almost frozen off, I finally got inside and rushed to get myself a whisky and on the dance floor to get my blood flowing again. Looking around was overwhelming: rooms filled with sequencers, synths, all kinds of guitars and, in one room, a fairly disturbing horror film.

While enjoying all the electronics around me, I almost forgot that one of my heroes was playing! Mathew Jonson’s pumping no-nonsense beats hyped up the crowd, and took us deep in to the AM. He put me in a trance where I didn’t even bother to think of the early photo shoot I had to do next day. So, for the souls that missed out on this amazing event, or the party animals that survived until 10am, here are twelve pictures to ease the pain and re-live the moment!

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