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Get ready, because tomorrow is the second edition of TEDxAmsterdam! This is an annual conference about technology, entertainment, design and more with speakers (such as Rutger Hauer and Hans Teeuwen) who will talk about what is going on in their field of expertise. The event attracts a group of innovative thinkers to come together and discuss trends before they even exist. The magic words during this conference: passion, energy and creativity! What I love most about TEDx? Different disciplines are brought together which leads to a theatre filled with creativity just waiting to be turned into useful ‘inventions’.

This year’s TEDxAmsterdam is devoted to the subject ‘Science and Fiction’. A quote from the press release: “Humans are able to think of things that push the boundaries of science. The combination of fiction (a dream for a better world) and science (the actual testing and execution) makes it possible for us to continuously take a step forward.”

A few titles of the discussions that will take place: ‘Playing with planets’, ‘You first… then the world’, ‘Fragile future’, ‘The iceman’ and ‘Connecting the dots’. Have I caught your attention yet? If so, tune in any time during the day during any discussion because even though the actual event, in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is not accessible to us, more than 40 venues throughout the country will live stream this event! My tips to watch TEDxAmsterdam: CREA, Boom Chicago or even 3D in Pathé Tuschinski!

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