Throw your digital camera away and go to the Digital? Analogue! exhibition in Huis Marseille

Throw your digital camera away and go to the Digital? Analogue! exhibition in Huis Marseille

Nov 26, 2010 |  by  |  Art, Event
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While the whole world is going digital and most professionals earn their bread with digital photography, most photographers personal work is still analogue. Why? Because analogue photography is a craft and creates unexpected aspects in photos. A reason for photography museum Huis Marseille to bring an ode to analogue and to master printer Peter Svenson from the Analogical Photo printing-Lab (AAP-Lab) in specific.

When Peter Svenson prints, the image comes to life

Peter Svenson has been a mainstay for both established and novice photographers for more than thirty years. They bring their negatives to him to print in the traditional way through chemical processes, in which silver salts are an essential element, the chromogenic print (C-print). His eye for the quality of a negative, his knowledge and skills and his flawless control of colour and light makes the perceptions of others materially tangible. As he says: ‘The image comes to life’.

I also think that analogue photography is still a way to bring unexpected aspects in photos. A few weeks ago I entered the ‘DOKA’ for the first time myself, and it was amazing. You have so many processes, so much to pay attention to.. For example, you have to make a lot of test strips and you can experiment with light and the chemical liquids. Photoshop is way too easy compared to ‘DOKA’.

So photographers, let Photoshop behind, go to this exhibition and let analogue printing works its agic on you and give you some new inspiration!! YEW!

The exhibition will be opened this Saturday, November 27th between 17.00 – 19.00 and can be seen untill February 27th, 2011 in the museum for photography Huis Marseille. For the exhibition, Peter Svenson, selected over 60 photographers and divided them into the three main themes: classic photographers (in particular landscape and portrait), the freethinkers, and the builders and experimentalists. All photographers have donated one or more photographs for the exhibition and a benefit auction at the end of it (on February 12th) will be held to support the survival of AAP Lab.

Feature image by Scarlett Hooft Graafland. Example photo, landscape by Annabel Howland:

Example photo, portrait by Thirza Schaap:

Example photo, the freethinkers by Daniëlle van Ark:

Example photo, the builders and experimentalists by Liza May Post:

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