Next Monday’s Hangover: Caribou, Het Kabinet & Mega Matjesdisco!

Nov 25, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: Caribou (DJ set) @ Trouw

I was in the UK for the weekend to go see a handful of my favorite artists at the moment: Four Tet, James Holden and Nathan Fake amongst others. The biggest surprise of this particular line-up was called Caribou, a rather mellow atmospherical-indie band I have recently gotten to appreciate. Boy oh boy did they redefine ‘mellow’ that night. Watch the featured video above, around minute 2.00 you’ll find out why. The band will be playing at Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht, but they couldn’t visit our country and not perform in Amsterdam. Therefore a DJ set performed by Caribou is set to spice things up at Trouw tomorrow night.

Friday & Saturday: Het Kabinet @ Studio /K

This weekend features an overdose of electronic music, with Friday night having a dub inspired theme and Saturday night looking like a minimal techno non-stopper. Fans will surely already be acquainted with the likes of Joy Orbison and techno legend Mathew Jonson. There’s even stuff happening during the daytime, check out all the activity on our featured post on this event.

Saturday: Mega Matjesdisco @ Paradiso

After all the great editions in the OT301, Maastricht, Breda, Den Haag, Wijk aan Zee, Solar Festival and Wish festival Matjesdisco are now going mega in the Paradiso. “Just one step away from the Amsterdam Arena and just two steps away from a world wide Matjesdisco virus.” With names as Klerezooi, De Mechanische Turk, Schwans le Cock and De grote Donnie, Vinnie en Sjakie show it promises to be the biggest new kids on the block fest the randstad has ever experienced. FYI: it’s sold out, just go stand at the door and smack someone in the face for tickets. HAMMERTIME!

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