Meet and Eat: Soup Enzo

Meet and Eat: Soup Enzo

Nov 24, 2010 |  by  |  Spots
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Our town has many places to visit for a bite and sizzle those taste buds. The Meet and Eat series will lend you a hand and help uncover the diverse cuisine of Amsterdam.

Not too long ago I ventured into the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and followed my nose into Soup Enzo. Basically, if you don’t like soup this will not be your place, but if you do have a weakness for some boiled and blended veggies, welcome to heaven. It’s a small corner shop with a friendly atmosphere. The concept is simple and was brought to Holland from Great Britain by a few savvy Dutch entrepreneurs: you choose a soup from the menu, which is altered on a daily basis. The chef for the day picks which soup will be on the menu from a book that consists of over a hundred different recipes.

This book is a compilation made by chefs who over the years have scribbled down their creative thoughts on broth. And what creative brain waves they were! From spinach, Thai curry or provincial tomato soup till peanut banana, pumpkin with basil or chickpea soup. Its like different vegetables had a steamy orgy and decided to hop into some hot water together. The outcome however is delicious. You are allowed to try different soups in a petite cup before you pick one and trust me, they are all equally a treat for the tongue.

All the vegetables and meat products are biological and after you have chosen your poison you are offered a choice in topping (coriander, cheese, soybeans, nuts or sour cream) and fresh bread. They also sell sandwiches and organic cola (if that’s even possible). The downside (if there is one) is that you can’t really sit down. The main idea is to Soup and Go at Soup Enzo.

The facts

An average of  €7.00 (the best investment you will do this winter).
The service is superb! They take their time for every customer. Providing advice on the menu and enquiring if the customer is by bike and in need for a special soup bag.

Photos by Andrea Huls

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