The demonstration for Schijnheilig in twelve pictures

The demonstration for Schijnheilig in twelve pictures

Nov 9, 2010 |  by  |  Event, Photos
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Hi! I'm Ernesto. I will bring you a visual perspective of the cool stuff happening here in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Yesterday, a demonstration took place to preserve the squatted home of Schijnheilig, a creative collective that strives to use vacant space as free, non-commercial meeting points for art, music, poetry and more. Well, here’s the problem they are facing: new mayor van der Laan, enforcing the new law against squatting, ordered to clear their building, which would mean that the gypsy vibe of Schijnheilig would soon be gone and that their home would become another empty space in Amsterdam once again.

But there are many friends of this concept, and fellow squatters, locals and other fans let themselves be heard and planned a protest! Even though the court banned the clearing of the building for now, the protest still went through to support Schijnheilig. As a fan myself I had to join as they demonstrated through the city with music and dancing last night. I took pictures to show you what might have been the coolest demo I’ve ever been to:

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