GUP magazine's 5 year anniversary in 12 pictures

GUP magazine’s 5 year anniversary in 12 pictures

Nov 9, 2010 |  by  |  Art, Photos
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Love photography just as much as I do? Well then you must have heard about GUP magazine. This bimonthly published photography magazine is distributed worldwide and is your ‘Guide to Unique Photography’. On rainy Sundays (typically a November thing), when all I feel like doing is sitting on the couch, I grab a GUP magazine and immerse myself into the work of international photographers for inspiration and find out about all the best museum exhibitions to visit once the rain has cleared away.

GUP’s 5 year anniversary
And guess what, a new GUP magazine was just launched! And even better, it’s GUP’s 5 year anniversary! I was quite excited about this new double issue :-) And in honour of GUP’s 5th anniversary magazine launch, Club Trouw’s De Verdieping was converted into a hub for photography, and it seemed like every art and photography lover in Amsterdam was there!

Interview with GUP co-founder Peter Bas Mensink

Here, we met the two founders of GUP magazine: Roy Kahmann and Peter Bas Mensink, two entrepreneurial gentlemen with a love for photography. I interviewed Peter Bas concerning his views on photography. He explained that the main reason for founding GUP magazine was that they missed affordable publications about (art) photography. The aim of GUP magazine was to create a platform of inspiration and show everyone that even without a proper photography background or heaps of knowledge concerning photography, it is possible to create beautiful photographic art (something I love hearing as an amateur photographer :-)). To reach the goal of inspiring everyone, GUP is launching an online inspiration platform halfway through November at For GUP magazine, the emphasis lies on the quality and the concept of the photographs. This is also the reason that not only the work of well-known photographers is published, but younger and more unknown artists are also given a chance:

No-one lives either too far away, is too well-known or unknown, too big or small to be published in GUP magazine

Peter Bas also pointed out that with the introduction of digital photography, equipment has become more readily available for everyone which has created a huge stream of new photographers. Because of the overkill of competition, photographers nowadays are less afraid to look outside the box and are more innovative in creating photographic art.

In my opinion, even with the upcoming digitalization of almost everything, photographic magazines should remain pressed on paper. There’s just something about the smell, look and touch of real photographs. It adds an extra dimension, something which is lost on screen… Some things just can’t be digitalized! So, if you’re ever in need of some inspiration, grab a GUP magazine to find it!

Photos by Rutger & Tamar

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