Sophie’s Choice: painter Onno Lolkema

Sophie’s Choice: painter Onno Lolkema

Nov 6, 2010 |  by  |  Art
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Hi, I'm Sophia, a fiery redhead in the wondrous world of Amsterdam. I find my joy in singing, good food, cocktails, cute hidden places in our city and talking to crazy, inspiring and creative people.

Sophie’s choice is a series of portraits of young artists I want you to meet and keep an eye on. Why? Because they are inspiring, talented and doing what they like to do most. They are people with a passion for their art, on their way to becoming the greatest artists of today and tomorrow. The new generation is here! Meet more of them here.

Onno Lolkema is one of those artists whose style you immediately recognize when you see his work. His paintings are colourful and outspoken, and there’s an interesting contrast between technical drawing and a more comic-like way of painting. Onno gets his ideas from everyday life, the daily media and his own brain. This is probably why his paintings are all a bit absurdist.

The images on his paintings are modern everyday images, but there’s always something a little strange about them. I think it’s in the bright colours, and even more so in the unusual combination of things in a single image. For example, have a look at ‘Two girls and a bunch of 72 hour old chicken embryos‘. The title says it all..

In 2004, Onno graduated from art school in Utrecht, but since his graduation he has been living and working in Amsterdam. Besides exhibiting his own artwork he also works as a freelance artist. He has painted tables in club Canvas in Amsterdam, where he has also exhibited his work. Onno is in school to become an art teacher and is working on several other projects too, such as a comic named Mannetje Pug, which will be available in book stores soon.

If you want to check out his paintings, you can visit the group exhibition called: ‘Our latest mistake’ in De Kunstkerk in Amsterdam.

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