Sure Beats Working! - A new event for young creative entrepeneurs

Sure Beats Working! – A new event for young creative entrepeneurs

Nov 4, 2010 |  by  |  Event
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Every young entrepreneur knows the feeling.. Your attempts to promote your business aren’t going as easy as you expected and the unanswered mail and cold calling is leading to despair. Well, let me help you out by suggesting another, more fun way to get your business kick-started: Sure Beats Working is a new event and meeting point where creative types can regularly talk and network. Maybe, Sure Beats Working can connect you to new people and offer you some useful ways in, and is surely more fun than working! The event is aiming to draw people together from a variety of artistic and creative backgrounds.

Initiator Paul Sparkes explains: ‘It’s really aimed at those people who have something to offer in new, creative businesses; I expect a hairdresser to be able to speak with someone in social media/internet about developing an app or new website portal for their business, a newbie musician to be able to speak to someone from a record label or online web radio/store about a deal or sponsorship for their product, and a fashion designer to be able to rub shoulders within someone from the cities’ hectic publishing/ advertising world with a view to gaining column inches or a campaign.’

This new concept is basically an opportunity to meet, network and unwind in a superb environment: Club NL is taking care of complementary sushi, good cocktails and relaxing music. So, show up tomorrow at Club NL around about six, because everybody knows that a few minutes of face time is way more useful than spamming around by phone and e-mail.

Feature image by Dustin Diaz.

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