Little Buddha, the globalization of a concept

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Almost six months ago, Little Buddha successfully settled in Amsterdam and ever since I have forgotten about self discipline. Once you pass the remarkable entrance, you simply don’t want to leave the miraculous setting any more. A few things immediately draw attention. First, Big Buddha himself in the middle of the club watching over us. Secondly, the enormous amount of space: this staggering venue offers 1.000 m2 decorated in Asian Fusion club style. Some expectations may arise, but you’ll be surprised about the way they mix up Chinese, Japanese (sushi!) and Thai cuisine.

The food is accomplished by a big range of premium rice sakés, and Little Buddha also puts much effort in food-pairing cocktails. Ever had a cocktail with wasabi, Thai basil, chilli infused Vodka or plum syrup? Every night, head bartender Airto Kramer strives to make the perfect drink that matches you. Meanwhile the ambiance is supported by resident DJ’s Kasper Kwant and Marc Robijn with a mixture of loungy eclectic background music.

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. – Buddha

After sixteen years of success in Paris, founder Raymond Visan and the George V Eatertainment Group decided to globalise their concept. So far they have managed to successfully expand their business to London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Cairo, Beirut, Kiev, Sao Paolo, Prague, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. Amsterdam appears to be one of the more challenging establishments, due to the big variety of customers, so the people behind Little Buddha have clearly decided not to do any concessions when it comes to hospitality and service.

Photos by Rutger Houweling

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