Glass jewellery by Flamework

Glass jewellery by Flamework

Oct 19, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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I was hunting for some streetstyle pictures with Anna last week when I noticed this new small jewelery boutique in the famous “nine streets” having its opening party. The minimalistic design of the store made me and Anna come inside to check it out and Daniela Frosolini, the owner and jewelery designer, gave us a warm welcome with a Prosecco in hand. The first thing that caught my eyes straight away was the material of the jewelery.

Daniela told me that the concept of her store is to be a “glass jewelery” store. What is fascinating about her collection is its diversity in colors. Daniela explained: “color combinations represent emotionality”. I totally agree with her, since these colorful jewels actually creates some sort of happiness aura around them. She mainly sells her own designs, but in the future she also wants to give other artists a chance to show off their work at her store in a sort of exhibition. Meanwhile, she herself is collaborating with another glass artist and thinking about designing jewelery from other materials too. The collection itself is available for both men and women.

Daniela also had some advice for young designers who want to start their own line. She insisted that success does not come over night, you need to be patient and always trust yourself because people appreciate it if you do your own thing. So for young Amsterdam based designers out there, just follow your instinct and dare yourself to make it happen!

Feature image by Monyart

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