Sugarless, sweet!

Sugarless, sweet!

Oct 14, 2010 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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I didn’t know what to expect when I got an invitation for the grand opening of Sugarless. Honestly; I don’t care about terms like ‘biological,’ ‘ecological,’ ‘non-artificial’ and so on, so I walked in a bit sceptic, but soon amazement took the upper hand. A fresh atmosphere, jazzy tunes and a glass of Prosecco gave me a warm welcome. Meanwhile the cupcakes, sandwiches, smoothies and soup were flying around all too tasty to describe. Jennifer & Joyce de Jong have got me convinced about their chosen way of life!

Joyce explains: ‘Nowadays nearly everything contains artificial sugars, flavour enhancers and added fragrances. Besides that, our ‘feeding culture’ is mostly produced in a way that doesn’t help our environment. As soon as I started to pay attention, I found out that it’s still hard to get fair food in Amsterdam. Although bio-markets are growing, there’s still a gap in the current Amsterdam horeca, so we (Joyce and sister Jennifer) might as well jump in. Our strength lie within the demands of the Amsterdam public.. Consuming in a responsible way is not only done by serving biological food, but also by using fair trade and recyclable products.‘

While Joyce was moving on, I reflected on Sugarless. At first, this might seem like an ordinary lunchroom. But in fact, this lunchroom is perfect for a quick stop, a luxurious lunch or an extensive High Tea on a Sunday afternoon. And what to think about the ‘Sugarless workshops’ they offer? No doubt about where I have my cup of fair-trade coffee next week. But can you please hand me the sugar?

Photos by Rutger Houweling and Tamar Weenen

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