Discovery Festival in 12 pictures

Discovery Festival in 12 pictures

Oct 4, 2010 |  by  |  Photos
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Ridz, advertises, produces indie/electronic music, performs throughout the Netherlands but ultimately always ends up at an Amsterdam based ensemble... then he blogs about all these things.

The Discovery Festival is an annual festival for science, art, music and technology that takes place in Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam. We were invited to experience the night of entertainment with a high degree of substance. The fifth edition of this festival managed to sell out around 1am, which basically means it was a success.

Interesting elements: “On the Crossing of Species“, “Cabinet of Curiosities”, “Love Hurts”, contributing to the live magazine that was made, enjoying Jorn Liefdeshuis at the highest point of Nemo and listening to the experimental sounds of DJ Palmbomen. Have a look at this video report (in Dutch) for the night’s summary.

Guilty pleasures: Building a massive party with just three men and a few mirrors and playing the coolest smoking room game I have ever seen; Smoke Pong! I leave you with twelve pictures.

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