Tea Bar, grab your cup!

Tea Bar, grab your cup!

Oct 1, 2010 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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I still remember myself walking into the Tea Bar for the first time: an overwhelming feeling of calmth took over and I instantly felt just as comfortable as while relaxing on a Sunday afternoon at home. Next thing I knew, one of the owners was taking care of me. The Tea Bar’s serenity is remarkable and it is located in one of my favourite streets of Amsterdam: Haarlemmerdijk. Obviously, Tea Bar is more than a shop with 70 tea blends! I can even state that Tea Bar polishes tea’s image and tea has finally set itself free from its dull reputation.

I asked Fenje, one of the owners, about the values and image of tea in Amsterdam nowadays. She had some surprising answers: “A certain awareness for quality and comfortable food is awaking in people; a new sort of food consciousness. At the same time, the need for a soothing and calming food ritual is still there, and all this can be experienced at the Tea Bar’s ‘speak easy'”. So I did, and I strongly recommend the ‘Golden Star’, a ‘Chinese White Jasmine Sparkling Tea, steeped in small batches’.

During the next cup of tea, Fenje speaks about the industry and ‘tea trends’. I am simply stunned. Ever heard of the food pairing part, as in dining with tea? Or of tea sommeliers hired in high end restaurants, just to sell tea? And what about Michelin Star winning Chefs cooking with tea? And then there is the revival of the ‘urban’ high tea. My god, tea is hot!

Getting thirsty? Tea Bar offers all our readers a free sample! This ‘guerilla’ offer only stands one day and that’s tomorrow. So pay Tea Bar a visit, drop the word ‘overdose’ and enjoy your own ‘Amsterdam Blend’. Cheers to Tea Bar…

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