AdEaters in Tuschinski is the place to be for film lovers and rock stars tomorrow night

Oct 1, 2010 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Sometimes an event just knows how to sell itself: “A mind blowing festival will take place at Tuschinski Amsterdam: Night of the AdEaters 2010. We’re talking impact survival, party style for hardcore creatives. Starring 360 outstanding, hilarious, fascinating and sometimes even heartbreaking commercials coming at you on a cinema screen.” If that didn’t tick off all my curiosity boxes already, the rest of the event sure did: films like Control by Anton Corbijn and Johan Primero by Johan Kramer, good music, comedy, cocktails and bingo(??). AND! Best of all: live rock-karaoke in front of a real and extravagant classic rock band!

AdEaters will take place on October 2nd from 22:00 untill 07:00. A snapshot of the programme:

360 extravagant, crazy, fascinating and hilarious advertisement from all over the world on a big screen. Served in 1.5 hour blocks.
More Movies – The Parool Film Theatre
Films from Erwin Olaf (presenting his best work), Anton Corbijn (Control), Johan Kramer (Johan Primero) and many others..
Live rock-karaoke! No tape recorders, just you and a real classic rock band, on a real stage, in front of a real audience. This should be good!
And more
VJ Klebowax, Spullen Bingo, DJ Monte la Rue, Nightwriters, Comedytrain and the Fabulous Shaker Boys

The feature image is from this years UK edition of AdEaters

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