Local Vogue 8: meeting Vincent Reinders from Free (and 22tracks fame)

Sep 29, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Local Vogue is a series of meetings with emerging local fashion talents. These are people who decided to take a leap of faith, live the dream and start their own label. They design, create and show us that when you really want something, nothing is impossible. Previous Local Vogues can be found here.

A multitasking entrepreneur at it’s best. That’s how I would describe Vincent Reinders. He has his own radio show Lijn 5 and writes articles for State Magazine. Somehow in between of doing all these things, he managed to start up one of the coolest online jukeboxes 22tracks: if you haven’t heard of this concept yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But it doesn’t stop there. The reason I was so excited to finally be able to work with him for Local Vogue, was because his clothing line Free is a perfect example of luxury mixed with comfort.

One day, Vincent decided that he didn’t want to wear uncomfortable jeans anymore and thought of a way to design the perfect sweatpants. He pitched the idea to some parties, had some talents come up with the exterior outlook and pushed the manufacturing process to Portugal and India, while making sure that everything happened in a sustainable, fair trade way. A few months later, Free was born and now the first collection is sold out. The second is on its way and hoodies have been added to the brand.

I truly admire the way Vincent looks at life. In his world, obstacles do not exist; they are merely little hindrances that he knows he will eventually conquer. He doesn’t think in terms of possible loss; he only thinks of the long-term gain. And after having known him for a few years now, I can confirm that most importantly he stays true to his own believes and ideas: a character trait I find admirable.

With a huge love for his city Amsterdam (which he told me will always be his number one home and biggest inspiration), Vincent is the embodiment of book smart mixed with street creativity. A combination that can never go wrong in my eyes, because it is the missing ingredient that can turn an ordinary idea into an extraordinary execution. It really is as simple as that.

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