Local Vogue 7: meeting Studio Jux

Sep 22, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Local Vogue is a series of meetings with emerging local fashion talents. These are people who decided to take a leap of faith, live the dream and start their own label. They design, create and show us that when you really want something, nothing is impossible. Previous Local Vogues can be found here.

When I spoke to Carlien Helmink, who is the co-owner of Studio Jux, I was intrigued by her cuteness. Her office is filled with the most fascinating little details, such as an antique teacup that once belonged to her grandmother. Although this teacup has nothing to do with fashion, it very much represents Jux’s collection: classic pieces with a surprising twist.

All collections by Jux are mostly made in Nepal in a fair and sustainable way, with the head designer residing there to. Carlien told me that she believed in the label from the start. So much so that she was willing to work for free during her senior year in college. Now graduated from a Master, she is taking Jux to the next level and making a living out of it. One example of how this isn’t always easy really speaks to the imagination. When Jux put a low cut piece in production in Nepal the local employees changed the design because they thought it had to be a drawing mistake.

When I asked Carlien about her philosophy in life, she told me that she just wants to make the world a little better. Being very determined and to the point, she quickly added that fashion should be more fun. And to be honest: I couldn’t agree with her more. Using fashion to heal the world: I say Amen to that! Studio Jux makes me believe that fashion can be glamorous yet compassionate towards Mother Earth and our fellow citizens at the same time. The fact that the collection happens to be pretty fabulous is just a great bonus.

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