Local Vogue 6: Meeting Eleonore de Ruuk

Sep 15, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Local Vogue is a series of meetings with emerging local fashion talents. These are people who decided to take a leap of faith, live the dream and start their own label. They design, create and show us that when you really want something, nothing is impossible. Previous Local Vogues can be found here.

Eleonore de Ruuk is one busy lady. Currently she owns a little pop-up store in the Vijzelstraat, where we filmed a part of this interview, and has just launched her latest collection. This collection is named Tempus Fugit and refers to the passing of time. I love the distinguished mix of high fashion basics with a sportive touch: the graphic shapes, geometric prints and wonderfully soft fabrics remind me of street mixed with a touch of runway. And I can’t stress enough how much I loved the denim hooded backpack, how brilliant is that?

I have the tendency to create an image in my head of what certain people must look and be like. After having seen Eleonore’s resume, I did the same. She has received countless awards in several cities, was selected as one of the 25 fashion labels worldwide to be presented at the Berlin A/W 09-10 fashion week and has showed in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York and China. How could a designer that experienced not be arrogant or stuck up?

But never before have I met a designer who was as humble and likeable as she is. On the day of shooting, Eleonore showed me that talent is worth nothing if the designer in question is not as equally nice and enthusiastic. I truly believe that her endearing personality is one of the reasons that she has come this far. Eleonore may look petite and shy, but if you look a little closer, you will see that underneath it all there is a powerful young woman who loves her job and designs with passion. And that to me is what Local Vogue is all about.

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