Local Vogue 5: meeting Dorhout Mees

Sep 7, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Local Vogue is a series of meetings with emerging local fashion talents. These are people who decided to take a leap of faith, live the dream and start their own label. They design, create and show us that when you really want something, nothing is impossible. Previous Local Vogues can be found here.

When Overdose was still in baby shoes, I wrote about Dorhout Mees. Not because somebody asked me to, but because I was intrigued by her work ethic, resume and collection. It doesn’t happen very often that I write twice about a new label or designer. The fact that I am doing it now, could either mean that I really like the clothing, or really want the designer in question to succeed. With Esther Dorhout Mees, I can safely say that both points mentioned were the case. I wanted Local Vogue to be a platform for all those up and coming young individuals who dared to take risks. So when this segment was finally up and running I just had to meet Esther in person to catch up with her and see where she was at now.

And boy, did she evolve in that short time. After only two months since I last wrote about her, Esther’s work has already been featured in Dutch television shows (such as RTL Boulevard), magazines and now she even has her own exhibition at Moooi Gallery. It’s safe to say that the future is looking bright for her. Her Cruise 2010 collection, Medusa, is focused on luxurious functionalism. This means using rich materials and designing with respect of the female body. I saw some highly feminine shapes combined with a touch of nonchalance to create a distinctive style, all made entirely out of silk. Amen to that.

I was lucky enough to shoot the video with Esther on the same day that she had set up her exhibition at Moooi. The room looked incredibly luxurious, but comfortable at the same time, with white tones dominating the space and music coming softly out of the flat screen television. Now on a side note, I have to be honest with you about something: I was not quite having my day. Technical devices are still not my best friends, despite all the years we have spent together. They bailed on me at the last moment, leaving me no option than to film the rest of the segment with my Canon G11. After having spent a few years in this cruel, harsh fashion world, I kind of expected Esther to be annoyed. I envisioned her storming out of the room because time is money and she had so many other things to do that day. Imagine my surprise when none of this was the case: Esther turned out to be one the most professional, kind and coolest people I have ever worked with. Try finding that these days!

All in all I want to give a huge shout out to Lizzy from Festina Lente Fashion and Esther for being so kind with the Overdose crew that day. It resulted in a lovely day, a short video interview, some pictures but above all: a Local Vogue made with giggles and laughs, which is so important!

Esther will be showing her collection at Moooi Gallery in Amsterdam from September 1st till November 1st. Make sure you go and check it out, it’s the perfect place to be on a rainy afternoon.

Check out the video interview with Esther on this page and take a look through the photo gallery to see a glimpse of her latest collection!

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