Perfect September sundays with a ‘quality’ film marathon by PAC

Perfect September sundays with a ‘quality’ film marathon by PAC

Sep 6, 2010 |  by  |  Art, Event
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PAC, or Pathé Alternative Cinema, is an initiative to show more ‘quality’ films. So not your average Hollywood blockbusters, but films with more depth and good stories that actually stay with you. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bad and cheesy film on a lazy Sunday, but some ‘quality’ films are just pieces of art. On September 12th Tuschinski is hosting the PAC Festival, showing 5 films that were highly rated at international film festivals.

The five films on show are: Mother and Child, Cell 211, The Kids Are All Right, The American and The Killer Inside Me. I am personally very interested in famous photographer Anton Corbijn’s second film: The American, featuring George Clooney. I included the trailers to all the films below, so if you enjoy a good film marathon, check them out and buy your ticket (€27.50).

The programme for September 12th:
10:30 – 12:35 Mother and Child
13:15 – 15:10 Cell 211
15:45 – 17:25 The Kids Are All Right
19:00 – 20:50 The American
21:15 – 23:05 The Killer Inside Me

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