Local Vogue 3: meeting Andy Torres from Stylescrapbook

Aug 24, 2010 |  by  |  Fashion
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Local Vogue is a series of meetings with emerging local fashion talents. These are people who decided to take a leap of faith, live the dream and start their own label. They design, create and show us that when you really want something, nothing is impossible. Previous Local Vogues can be found here.

The minute I decided to do Local Vogue, I knew Andy Torres had to be a part of the series. I have been following her blog Stylescrapbook for more than two years now and she has truly emerged from one of many bloggers to be an online fashion phenomena. Nowadays she is one busy young lady, travelling the world to see fashion shows and working on her dream of moving to Paris. When I approached her with the idea of doing an interview in her apartment, I was kind of surprised that she immediately agreed and willingly invited me into her home.

After the first five minutes in her Parisian themed apartment, I’m convinced: I love how unguarded and open minded Andy is about life. She is so refreshingly honest about the troubles of making it in the fashion industry and so modest about her accomplishments so far. She is internationally oriented: born in Mexico, then moved to Amsterdam a few years ago, but dreaming of moving to Paris. Her passion for the fashion industry started at a young age and is still so tangible that she could manage to pull even the most cold hearted fashion hater into her world.

Andy’s wardrobe is unpretentious, surprisingly affordable and filled with lots of handmade pieces that she designed and sowed herself. Her favourite pieces are either vintage or from her family, like her prized bright gold bag that belonged to her grandmother or a little handmade velvet bag that was made by the Indians in Mexico.

Andy tells me that she has always felt different and that she knew she would end up doing something creative. Being 1.80 m tall, she often felt misplaced in Mexico but she now embraces her height. It’s hard to imagine that she used to be a high jump champion back in the day and that she almost took a scholarship at a university in the States aiming to participate in the Olympics.

Now, years later, with her feet proudly wrapped in 10 cm heels and endless legs, Andy admits that she never allows negative thoughts in her life and fights for what she wants. She takes life day by day and enjoys all the little and big opportunities that she has had so far, like going to Paris fashion week to cover the shows. Her sparkling personality is maybe one of the best things about her and her passion for life and all things beautiful have convinced me that she will make it far in this often hard and fake bubble that we call fashion.

I left her house feeling inspired and happy, and I know you will feel the same after watching the interview I had with Andy on the top of this page. Also take a look through the photo gallery below to step into her world and see a glimpse of her apartment.

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